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First Call Medical Monitoring

Are you worried abou your aging parents living alone?

As our parents, grandparents or other loved ones get older, we worry abou their safey and security. We want them to enjoy the independence they worked so hard to ear. So where to we turn?

How about to the people who have been provideing quality service for more than three generations, Richland Electric Cooperative. They can help by installing a First Call emergency response telephone system.

The First Call service is perfect for people with health or mobility problems, or for anyone who lives alone. With the push of the pendant alert button, worn on the wrist or as a necklace, help in an emergency is available -24 hours a day!

REC has already installed First Call in the homes and apartments of hundreds of area residents. Contact REC for pricing or for more information. Financial assistance for First Call systems may be available to qualified applicants through your local county Health & Human Resources Dept. Contact them directly for qualification details. 




If you would like to know more information about First Call Medical Monitoring please contact Doug or Marilyn Hill



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